At Creative Kiln we believe everyone’s creative passions deserve the room and opportunity to breath freely.

What would happen if one person’s creative idea met another person’s unique artistic photographic skills?  The Creative Kiln is a forum for connecting incredible ideas and events with artists that are eager to collaborate and create.  It’s crowdsourcing for art’s sake!  Here is how it works:

Click on the “Big What If” link.  Tell us about your inspiration, event, or big idea.  Could be a wedding, a portrait, a car show or just an incredible view that moves you.  We will review all your ideas with the rapt attention that a moment of incredible inspiration deserves.   If your submission strikes the interest of one of our photographers they will contact you to get the ball rolling on your collaboration.

If a Creative Kiln artist chooses to accept your project you will receive 100% of their talent and know-how.  What you won’t get is a bill.  That’s the best part of this unique opportunity.  Creative Kiln artists do not charge for their services!  Sound too good to be true?  It’s true!

Creative Kiln photographers are not professional photographers.  They are talented “prosumers” that are developing their skills and anxious to find new avenues to expand their portfolios.

Creative Kiln
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